Who We Are

Who We Are


To Help Businesses be Energy Independent


To Lower Your Operating Cost through Sustainable Solutions

Solutions Powered by Understanding

We understand the challenge faced by Commercial Property Owners and Commercial Tenants, for growing their bottom line.

Unlike traditional businesses, Commercial Property Owners have one product to sell - an empty space.

So they must keep investing CapEx to either get someone to pay more for the space or reduce the costs associated with that space. Since all properties are different, there is no ‘One Size Fits All’ solution. We call this the CapEx Conundrum

Commercial Tenants have to generate profits and make sure overhead costs, such as lease payments don’t affect their performance.

However, leasing terms can be complicated and often times owners are passing property ownership costs on to the tenant under 'Triple Net Lease' arrangements and overcharging for common area charges. We call this the Triple-Net Threat


Our Approach to Energy Cost: An Integrated Energy Solution

Our primary focus is your bottom line. Since no two commercial properties are the same, our approach is consultative and customized to meet your financial requirements

We provide an intergrated sustainable solution platform to serve as a comprehensive energy reduction strategy for your property.
Energy Services

Audit & Varification

Utility Incentive Administration

Project Management

Energy Financing

Renewable Energy

Easy Financing structure

Easy solar development

Long term sustrainable solution

Energy Procurement

Best Rate on the deregulated market for any term, through transparent revierse auction

Saving up to 30% on your energy supply bill

Energy Efficiency

Lighting Retrofit
Reduce cost between 50%-90%

Energy Management System
Reduce cost between 16%-30%

Environment Impact


Saved Per Year


Metric Tons of CO2


Trees Planted

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Matt Lobach

Hersha has worked with AspirEnergy to complete lighting retrofits at over 40 properties across the US. The scope of our retrofits spanned guestrooms, lobbies, corridors, back of house, and exteriors. We are saving $750K+ in electricity costs annually from these upgrades and have reduced annual maintenance for our hotel staff.

Matt Lobach – Director, Sustainability - Hersha Hospitality Trust


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