Energy Services

Auditing and Verification

Aspirenergy helps our clients identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption and energy spend. By conducting an on-site energy audit, we do an extensive walk-through of your property to understand what initiatives make sense for you. There is no cookie cutter solution for every property, so we make sure to tailor each audit to make sure our suggested initiatives are right for you.

Utility Incentive Administration

Property owners are typically unaware of the incentives and rebates that are available within their state. Most of the nation’s utility providers offer cash rebates and other incentives to promote different energy efficiency projects. Properties are incentivized to reduce energy use during times of peak demand or reduce through more energy efficient equipment. We are experienced at managing these programs and funding cycles so let us remove the burden from your company and handle each step of the way.

Project Management

Whether it’s a lighting retrofit or a solar panel installation, our team of experts are able to manage any of your energy initiatives, so that you don’t have to. We work with our property managers to understand what kind of projects they’re trying to do and provide guidance and updates along the way. Our team would be responsible for the planning, verification, and delivery on any of your energy projects.

Energy Efficiency Financing

Our familiarity with the state energy programs and array of financing opportunities allows us to provide our clients with the best programs for energy financing. Our team is prepared to understand, quantify, monitor and manage the financial risks created by volatile energy prices in your area. We offer innovative financing solutions that enable state and local governments to invest in clean energy technologies.

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