Energy Procurement

What is a reverse auction?

Reverse Auctions are now the premiere method of energy procurement for businesses and government entities alike, and our Reverse Auctions are the most technologically advanced and customer-centric in the world.

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1) Register Online in 2 Minutes or Less

Log in to your online reverse auction right before it begins. Your dedicated analyst and account executive will guide you through the entire auction process and help you discover the best value for your energy procurement. You'll be provided with insight on the suppliers competing for your business as well as an analysis on the trends in the market to help you make the best decision for your business.


2) Schedule your Reverse Auction

This is where it gets interesting! Once the Reverse Auction starts, you'll be able to watch energy rates tumble as Energy suppliers continually bid and counter-bid in an apples-to-apples pricing format. In a matter of minutes, you will gain the opportunity to secure substantial energy savings by locking in the best rate with just a few clicks.

3) Choose the Rate that Works for You

You'll have your pick of the best rates on the market for any term. We will show you a detailed analysis of each rate so you know what your savings opportunity is compared to your current rate, and how much your energy costs will be reduced over the course of a year.

4) Select a Supplier or Schedule Another Reverse auction

The Reverse Auction will often yield savings of up to 30% on your energy supply bill, and there is no cost or obligation if you're not ready to move forward after the auction is held. Should you lock-in a rate and request a contract, our in-house contract managers and legal team can walk you through any agreement to ensure a full understanding of the document. Once the chosen supplier's agreement is signed and submitted, your rate is fully secured and your new rate will begin at its set start-date

If you do choose to move forward, we’ll manage the process for you by:

Ensuring no penalties for any decrease in energy consumption

Ensuring no penalties for employing energy efficiency or renewable energy solutions during the term

Ensuring no other additional fees

Consulting you on when to sign up during periods where commodity rates are more attractive

Providing comparisons between your third party supply rate vs normal supply rate

To get started, we just need a signed letter of exclusivity (LOE) which allows AspirEnergy to work with third party suppliers to get your auction hosted and a copy of your most recent available energy bill. Again, there is no commitment or fees, and the letter can be rescinded at any time.

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