Energy Efficiency

Need for Energy Efficiency

US Commercial Properties spend approx. $160.2 billion on energy costs

$64.5 billion or 40% is spent on lighting, water heating and heating and cooling

Energy costs make up 27%
of an average commercial buildings operating expenses

Lighting, water heating and heating and cooling make up nearly 11% of an average commercial buildings operating expenses

Nearly 40% of commercial properties’ energy costs are related to three items


Water Heating

Heating & Cooling

The Energy Efficiency division focuses on reducing energy consumption for these items, without sacrificing
the required output (light or heat).

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Lighting Retrofit

Our lighting retrofit solution places an emphasis on process. Administration of various different factors, evaluation of existing lighting, specification and implementation of lighting and incentive administration requires information to be organized and succinct to minimize mistakes and maximize ROI.

Lighting constitutes 18% of commercial property’s energy costs or 5% of total operating costs – a “low hanging fruit” opportunity. Employing energy efficient lighting can reduce these costs anywhere from 50% - 90% and the most efficient lighting technology available today is Light Emitting Diode – or LEDs"

Therefore, we developed an A.S.P.I.R.E. process that allows for flexibility and scalability no matter the project scope:

  • Audit and AssessmentSpecificationProject PlanningIncentive MaximizationRealization & InstallationEvaluation and Improvement

    We conduct a lighting audit on our customized iPAD and iPhone based app, that allows us to capture a lot of information. During this process, we assess feasibility to determine project viability and energy reduction opportunities.

    After the audit is complete, we ‘sync’ our audit to our cloud based program, where we audit and specify solutions that provide largest economic impact

    During this time, we also focus on implementation of specified solutions

    Once we have an idea of what we’re going to specify, we review applicable public and private incentives and financing to maximizing returns

    Once we review with client and gain approval, we leverage our network of contractors and installers to implement our project plan

    After completion, we work with site personnel to assess installed equipment, aid in warranty administration and investigate other energy reduction opportunities

Lighting New Construction

We evaluate lighting specs to propose alternative energy efficient lighting that would reduce energy consumption compared to originally spec’d items, or aid customers in obtaining the items specified.

In addition, we work with third party administrators, calculating prospective lighting performance and proving they are more efficient than base line measures in order to receive utility incentives for our clients.


With the advancement of wireless solutions, lighting controls turn existing and prospective lighting solutions to a complete automated efficient lighting system that maximizes savings potential. These solutions are customized to the commercial properties operating use, evaluating factors such as:

Daylight Penetration

General Occupancy

Foot Traffic

Use of Building

Not only do property controlled lighting systems save money and extend useful life, but also enhance the health, well-being and productivity of employees. Our approach identifies those areas that will benefit from controls and specifying control systems that qualify for existing incentives and rebates.

Energy Management Systems

Water heating, building heating, and building cooling account for approximately 22% of a typical commercial property’s total energy costs and about 6% of total operating costs. Employing a comprehensive energy management system can decrease these costs anywhere from 16% - 30%. The evolution of real-time energy management systems have reduced the cost of implementation by focusing on areas that will deliver the most savings and negates the need for installation of a complete building management package. The new energy management systems are wireless, expandable, and configurable to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers.

We work with a variety of providers that will deliver the most economical solution. We recommend clients to employ energy management systems in the following areas:

Boiler & Chiller Optimization

HVAC Controls

Thermostat Management

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